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2016-06-07National Aboriginal Peoples Day 2016

June 21

11 am: Participants will gather on St Jacques Street, at the intersection of St. Laurent Boulevard.

11:30 am: Bearing our giant effigies, to the sound of the fanfare and drums, we will march joyously towards Place d’Armes, where a festive, ceremonial and artistic program will take place.

Noon: Lightinh the Solstice fire, tobacco ceremony and ceremonial speeches. Then, the drums, songs and dancing. With the Keepers of the Eastern Door from Kahnawake, l’Orphéon de l’Île à la Tortue and the First Peoples’ Festival Masks and Effigies group.


2016-01-1426th Montreal First Peoples Festival - Call for Submissions - Indigenous Film & Video Showcase

The call for sumissions is now finished

The Montreal First Peoples Festival is calling on you to submit your audiovisual works for this years’ showcase, taking place August 2nd to August 9th. As always, we will screen a selection of films of all kinds, short and feature-length, representing First Nations across the Americas and other parts of the world. Although we seek to present the work of indigenous filmmakers, the selection is open to all, given the relevance of a film’s topic.

Details, rules and submission form now on-line:



Terres en Vues vous invite à 

Paysage culturel et réconciliation

Mini-colloque sur l’amérindianité à inscrire dans le paysage urbain montréalais. Réflexions libres sur les rapports du territoire montréalais à son héritage amérindien et sur l’apport des Premières Nations à l’identité du lieu. Discussions et exposés sur les changements souhaités; sur les projets prometteurs, ceux qui sont déjà en train ou ceux futurs qui vont, ou pourraient, redonner un nouvel imaginaire à l’espace public de la métropole et, parmi ceux-ci,...


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