Nunaaluk: A Forgotten Story

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Saturday, August 2 2014 - 6:30 pm


Around 1920, a small group of Inuit settled on Cape Hope Island in James Bay. The patriarch of the group, George Weetaltuk, was a renowned sculptor and boat builder. He was also a guide for filmmaker Robert Flaherty. An unsuspected North revealed through an elder woman’s childhood memories. 


Producer(s) :

Julie Ann Cooper (president, COTA)

Production house or group : COTA (Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association)


Company or organization :

COTA and Rural Route Communications

English, Inuktitut OV
29 minutes
Louise Abbott


Cast :

Mini Aodla Freeman George Kudlu Elizabeth Mark Maiczan Fred Bruemmer

Scriptwriter : Louise Abbott
Image : Louise Abbott; Vito De Filippo; Niels Jensen
Sound recording : Louise Abbott; Vito De Filippo; Niels Jensen
Editing : Louise Abbott; Vito De Filippo
Original Music : Ian Tamblyn