Movimientos Espectaculares

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Spectacular Movements
Sunday, August 7 2016 - 4:30 pm


In the midst of their creative process, young Bolivian actors set off on the road. Their travelling troupe, the Teatro Trono, is exploring a historic revolutionary episode and is collecting people’s stories. At the heart of passionate debates, the creative process seeks its place amidst the Indigenous Revolution and the majestic Bolivian landscapes.


Producer(s) :

Belimar Roman

Production house or group : COMPA, La Galápaga Cooperativa Audiovisual, Woven Path Media, CQ Films


In the same screening

Spanish OV
/ English ST
Documentary / 78 minutes
Mateo Hinojosa


Cast : Luis Vasquez, Maya Cahua, Luis Montoya, Lenia Orellana, Oscar Vasquez, Abel Cahua, Arnold Villareal, David Siles, Shezenia Hannover, Ivan Nogales, Leonie Fischer, Clara Cipowisz
Image : Mauricio Ovando
Sound recording : Nicolás Scatamacchia
Editing : Cristina Carrasco
Original Music : Jean-Pierre Magnet