Price of Peace, The

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Copresentation with CINEMA POLITICA
Thursday, August 4 2016 - 7:30 pm


In 2007, a strong-armed police operation in New Zealand, against the Tühoe people in the village of Ruatoki, aimed to dismantle an organization suspected of plotting terrorist activity. This was the beginning of a long legal saga involving the activist Tami Iti and his co-accuses. This amazing story stands as a landmark within the global movement of affirming Indigenous rights.

* Thursday screening in Kahnawake is free


Producer(s) :

Christina Milligan, Roger Grant, Kim Webby


Company or organization :

Conbrio Media Ltd

In the same screening

New Zealand
english, maori OV
/ english ST
Documentary / 87 minutes
Kim Webby


Image : Jos Wheeler
Editing : Cushla Dillon