Icaros: A Vision

Monday, August 7 2017 - 7:00 pm


Looking for a miracle, Angelina lands at a healing center in the Peruvian Amazon, where shamans minister to a group of foreigners seeking transcendence, companionship, and the secrets of life and death. Her perceptions altered by the ancient psychedelic plant known as ayahuasca, she bonds with Arturo, a young Indigenous shaman who is losing his eyesight. In their hallucinogenic journeys together they attain an altered sense of their destinies.


Producer(s) :

Abou Farman

Production house or group : Conibo Productions


Company or organization :

Conibo Productions

Spanish & English OV
/ French ST
Fiction / 91 minutes
Leonor Caraballo, Matteo Norzi


Cast : Ana Cecilia Stieglitz, Filippo Timo, Arturo Izquierdo
Scriptwriter : Leonor Caraballo, Matteo Norzi, Abou Farman
Image : Ghasem Ebrahimian
Editing : Elia Gasull Balada
Original Music : Guillermo Arévalo, Arturo Izquierdo, Walter Martínez Guimaray