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2017-06-13Cinema and living arts at the heart of 27th First Peoples Festival August 2nd – 9th

Anniversaries are opportunities to look back, and while doing so, to re-examine legacies. The city is promoting reconciliation through the joint initiative of Mayor Coderre and AFNQL, while the Société du 375 e invite us to build bridges. First Peoples Festival, which spearheaded the progress now gaining ground, intends to play a major role in this promising project. Indigenous Youth will have pride of place in this year’s event, taking place under the sign of renewal, meetings and friendship.

As has become our tradition, First Peoples Festival will kick off its festive installations in the...

2017-04-13Stanley Vollant, de Compostelle à Kuujjuaq

Stanley Vollant, de Compostelle à Kuujjuaq

Merci de confirmer votre présence à la projection du 19 avril à l’adresse suivante :

First national broadcast of the Documentary mini-series On ICI RADIO-CANADA TÉLÉ (In French only)


2016-12-23Call for film submissions

The Montreal First Peoples Festival is calling on you to submit your audio-visual works for its 27 th edition, taking place August 2 nd to August 9 th , 2017. As always, we will screen a selection of films of all kinds, short and feature-length, representing Indigenous peoples across the Americas and other parts of the world. Although we seek to present the work of Indigenous filmmakers, the selection is open to all, given the relevance of a film’s topic.

Details, rules and entry form now on-line: ...

2016-11-10Remise du prix Albert-Tessier à la grande cinéaste abénaquise Alanis Obomsawin

In French only.

Terres en vues se réjouit de la remise du prix Albert-Tessier à la grande cinéaste abénaquise Alanis Obomsawin et offre ses chaleureuses félicitations à la récipiendaire.

Attentive aux voix, d’abord et avant tout, son travail allait constituer en une mise en scène de la parole des peuples oubliés afin d’en restituer la grandeur et la cohérence. S’investissant totalement, films après films, la documentariste devient véritablement, dans le sens le plus fort et le plus noble du terme, porte-parole.

Il y a un cinéma selon Alanis Obomsawin, mais il ne faut pas...

2016-08-29Gentil Cruz, passeur de mémoires

Gentil Cruz

DOCUMENTARY STREAMING UNTIL OCTOBER 31st, 2016 (Spanish with French subtitles)

Watch the wining film for 1st Prize of the Rigoberta-Menchu Award (for social significance) at the 26th edition of the festival. Presented online by Présence autochtone - Montreal First Peoples Festival with the collaboration of Philippe Brulois, director, and the Association Tchendukua [

2016-08-10Palmarès 2016

Among wounded beings, neglected and often despised, like flashes of light on a blocked horizon, we witness great moments of humanity and hope. For weaving the marvels of an ancient legend into the banal contemporary reality of homeless people and for understanding that, atop the rubble of their broken dreams, men still dream;

The First Peoples Festival 2016 jury awards the Teueikan Grand Prize to Mekko by Sterlin Harjo (USA)


A man built bridges so the ancestral cosmovision of the Kogi people of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta could be...

2016-08-04Programmation of the 26th edition

Présence Autochtone 2016/Montreal First Peoples festival

:) Dès le 3 août! Starting August 3rd!!

Posted by Présence autochtone on Monday, July 25, 2016

2016-08-04Full-fledged cinema

100 TikisIn North America, new voices are emerging in First Nations cinema, through the work of First Peoples filmmakers who nowadays no longer hesitate to take on feature-length films.

For two feature films from the USA, the city has become the décor, the habitat and backdrop. There are clear cinematographic references: Herzog in the case of Harjo’s film Mekko, in which he chose Aboriginal homeless people in Tulsa as actors....

2016-08-03Two spokespersons for a powerful festival

Natasha Kanapé Fontaine - Émile ProulxCloutier

The two artists who are spokepersons for the Montreal First Peoples Festiavl 2016, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine and Émile Proulx-Cloutier, will introduce the concerts of the Festival Plaza in words and songs, through poetry and slam, Thursday, August 4 and Friday 5-20: 30 pm, before Digging Roots and Shauit performances.

Natasha Kanapé Fontaine will also be part of a...

2016-08-01Close encounters with Aboriginal artists

The festival offers opportunities for contact and exchange with Aboriginals filmmakers , storytellers, artists and leaders.

The most intimate setting where , in small groups over coffee , an in-depth discussion is possible , is the meetings held at the Espace culturel Ashukan with, this year, Innu actor, Marco Colin; Mohawk filmmaker, Courtney Montour; Abenaki filmmaker Pepper O’Bomsawin; and Polynesian multidisciplinary artist, Daniel Taulapapa McMullin.

How one person becomes a filmmaker, actor , poet or artist when growing up in a First Nations community? Conversations about...