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See the favorite selection of Montreal First Peoples Festival 2015 :

2015-06-17First Peoples Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary

Towering over First Peoples Festival’s 25 years, seven thousand years of human presence in this place looks down upon you…

The First Nations festival returns to Montreal in 2015 in a spectacular setting that will spread its wings at Place des Festivals: thrilling concerts, an exacting selection of films and videos, the great multicultural parade along Saint-Catherine Street and many indoor venue and gallery events.

Grand concerts

Blues Blanc Rouge remix takes us back to First Peoples Festival’s inaugural activity; a benefit concert in Spring 1991 that succeeded in bringing in the funds...

2015-06-12June 21st National Aboriginal Peoples Day

Participants will gather on St. Jacques Street, at the intersection of St. Laurent Boulevard, starting at 1 p.m.

At 2 p.m., bearing our giant effigies, to the sound of the fanfare and drums, we will march joyously towards Place d’Armes, where a festive, ceremonial and artistic program will take place.

Starting at 2:30 p.m., lighting the Solstice fire, tobacco ceremony, homage to Kondiaronk and ceremonial speeches. Then, the drums, songs and dancing. With the Keepers of the Eastern Door from Kahnawake, Moe Clark et l’Orphéon de l’Île à la Tortue, the drums of Eya Hey Nakoda and the First...

2015-06-12June 17th presentation of the First Peoples Festival 2015 program.

At Maison de la Culture Frontenac, 11 a.m.

Find the press release and the highlights of the great celebration of First Peoples cultures (available from June 17 th ).

Our festival will take place from July 29 th to August 5 th 2015.

2015-04-30Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner gets the top rank : Land Insights salutes

Terres en vues / Land Insights salutes the top rank awarded to Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner on the list of the best Canadian films of all time. Bravo to Zacharias Kunuk, to Norman Cohn, to the Inuit cast of the film, and in particular to Natar Ungalaaq, unforgettable in the title role. Bravo as well to the entire Isuma productions team for this highly deserved tribute to this masterpiece of the Seventh Art, produced, as we must recall, against all odds.

As Inuit art has proven spectacularly, First Peoples’ artistic expression is the most important natural resource of this land. It is a precious...

2014-07-24Filmmakers from the whole world at First Peoples’ Festival 2014

Drunktown’s Finest , Grand Prize at Los Angeles Outfest, awaited in Montreal with its director Navajo director Sydney Freeland next week for First Peoples’ Festival, has won the Grand Jury Award at the 32nd LGBT Los Angeles Outfest, for her feature film Drunktown’s Finest . The screenplay invites us to follow three young Navajos at the crossroads. One of the characters, Felixia John (played by Carmen Moore) is a transsexual. Sydney Freeland broke with taboo by casting a real transgender Navajo in the role. The film, which had its world premiere at the last Sundance festival, will have its Montreal...

2014-07-07To prepare for the trial of the accused in the massacre at the Spanish embassy in Guatemala, Rigoberta Menchú has cancelled all her international commitments

Montreal, July 4th 2014. Very soon, a historic trial will get underway in Guatemala in order to judge the accused in the Spanish embassy massacre. As we recall, on January 31st 1980, the national police launched an assault on the embassy, in contempt of international law, to kill all the Quiche Maya peasants who were occupying the premises in order to let the whole world know about the military exactions of which their villages were victims. Among the thirty-seven dead, most of whom were Indigenous, there were two Guatemalan jurists, several members of the diplomatic corps and Vicente Menchú, the father...

2014-06-18Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú to attend Montréal First Peoples Festival

A visit from Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú; a launch of Samian’s new album, marked by a concert on the Loto-Québec stage at Place des Festivals, bedecked, illuminated and adorned in the colours of Aboriginal cultures, a top-flight international film and video competition, a jury chaired by the actor Sébastien Ricard; street theatre, exhibits, a conference, gastronomy, kino-visual happenings and a parade. These are noteworthy elements of the 24th edition of First Peoples’ Festival, an annual event dedicated to the arts and cultures of the First Peoples.

Terres en vues /Land Insights,...