Associate artistic director - Internal coordination, partnerships and programming

TERRES EN VUES (Lands Insights) is the project manager of the Présence autochtone - First Peoples’ International Festival, a multidisciplinary cultural and artistic event that makes Montreal the main focus of Indigenous creativity from the three Americas for ten days in August.

Three strategic objectives were set upon its founding in 1990; create a major First Nations festival in Montreal, commemorate and remember the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal during its tercentenary, and lead to the founding of a permanent location for First Cultures in Québec’s metropolis.

Mission: Uniting the artistic and cultural renaissance of the First Peoples and the cultural dynamism of a major metropolis in a sustainable development perspective, based on friendship among peoples, diversity of sources of expression as a creative wealth to share, and recognition of the specificity of First Nations.

Official description:

The Associate Artistic Director prepares for and coordinates meetings and relations (agenda and agreements) with artists or their representative as well as meetings and relations with partners. He or she takes part in logistics of Terres en vues’ priority projects and events. He or she compiles information relative to artists and their projects as well as those concerning partners. He or she draws up different documents presenting artistic projects (activity reports, applications, etc). He or she must take an active part in proposing activities and keep his or her knowledge up to date in terms of different artistic practices among the Indigenous artistic scene here and elsewhere.

Regular work schedule; (35 hrs – wk). Except during the summer, when there are variable working hours. In summer, the job requires working evenings, weekends and holidays.
Salary: according to experience and the salary scale in force
Stimulating work environment
2 weeks’ vacation after the first year (including two extra weeks set during the year’s end holidays).
5 “well-being” days yearly (as needed)
5 days for family responsibilities (as needed)

What we are seeking:

  • B.A. or other related degree, or equivalent experience;
  • At least five years’ experience in the field of arts and culture;
  • Experience in events production and ability to adapt to variable production conditions;
  • Recognised competency in terms of conceptual and global reflection in terms of different projects and brands;
  • Innovative capacities and excellent understanding of the creative process;
  • Be wired for creative development;
  • Ability to communicate in English and in French, orally and in writing; knowledge of an Indigenous language is an advantage.
  • Ability to prioritise tasks and to assign these based on this order;
  • Teamwork abilities

Personal aptitudes

  • Self-reliant, resourceful and organised;
  • Good work attitude centred on quality
  • Reliable, organised, able to improve
  • Good judgement, respect, courtesy; able to operate calmly under stress
  • Continuous learner
  • Good team spirit
  • Excellent communicator
  • Community involvement
  • Good energy level
  • Sense of humour
  • At ease with public
  • Wants to play a part in disseminating Indigenous culture

Priority will be granted to First Nations applicants.

**Please submit your CV and covering letter to before Friday, February 14th 2020