Puktew Muin

Fire Bear
Saturday, August 7 2021 - 8:30 pm
En présence de Jerome Basque - In presence of Jerome Basque
English, Mi'kmaq OV
/ English ST
Fiction / 8 minutes
Daniel Fortin


Cast :

Jerome Basque - Uncle, Amelie Fortin - Muin, Etienne Fortin - Skus

Scriptwriter : Daniel Fortin
Image : Shane Powless (Mohawk)
Sound recording : Ali Crni, Quentin Commanda (Ojibway)
Editing : Daniel Fortin, John Reed Hryszkiewicz
Original Music : Justus North Kinloch


While listening to their uncle retell the Mi'kmaq story of Skus and Muin, two precocious children begin to imagine themselves as the lead characters of the tale. Filled with whimsy and playfulness, a delightful reinterpretation of the boundless imagination of a child.


Producer(s) :

Daniel Fortin, Paul Neary

Production house or group : Little Bear Big Wolf Pictures

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