Ruahine: Stories In Her Skin

Copresentation with Cinema Politica
Thursday, August 12 2021 - 6:30 pm
Aotearoa/New Zealand
English, Māori OV
/ without subtitles ST
Documentary / 40 minutes
Hiona Henare


Cast :

Sian Montgomery-Neutze (Moko / Tattoo Artist) Anahera Winiata (Moko / Tattoo recipient) Janice Cherie Pania Eriha (Moko / Tattoo recipient)

Scriptwriter : Hiona Henare
Image : Jess Charlton, Mike Potton
Sound recording : Andrew Dalziel
Editing : Annie Collins
Original Music : TAUIRA


The film plunges us into the ceremony of the moko kaue (facial tattoo), an experience punctuated by songs and traditional stories, a large family and community meeting around two women who, participating in the moko kaue, honor their ancestors (whakapapa), affirm their belonging to the community and celebrate the spiritual force (mana) that inhabits them.


Producer(s) :

Hiona Henare


Company or organization :

Brown Bitty Pictures