Experimental Theater : Notcimik, Where our blood comes from

Véronique Hébert 


Sunday, August 8 2021 - 8:00 pm
Place des Festivals

Monday, August 9 2021 - 8:00 pm
Place des Festivals

Limited attendies
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Véronique Hébert is an Atikamekw theatre woman from Wemotaci. She is a doctoral candidate in Artistic Studies and Practices at UQAM focusing on theatrical creative research. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from the University of Ottawa as well as a masters in Dramaturgy that focused on Jovette Marchessault’s shamanism. She participated in the National Theatre School of Canada’s Indigenous Residence program and was a pupil and assistant of Pol Pelletier’s theatre company École Sauvage. She collaborated on the street theatre component of the Montreal First Peoples’ Festival and has worked with several theatre companies. She also organizes performances in Indigenous communities. Inspired by Nature and her culture, she writes, produces and performs her plays in collaboration with artists from various backgrounds. Her militant artistry is in line with her values as an Indigenous person, woman and artist.

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