Opening night - Films program


Tuesday, August 3 2021 - 7:00 pm
Cinéma Impérial

On invitation only

On August 3rd, the International First Peoples Festival is officially launching the festivities of its 31st edition with a captivating evening of colourful screenings at Cinéma Imperial. The opening night begins with a medium film that could not be more relevent with Ashes and Embers which documents the fire revolt of Native residential school's students in 1948. This film will be preceded by four must-see short films.

Ashes and Embers

In January 1948, in an act of rebellion and resistance, a group of students from the Delmas Indian residential school set fire to the building where they had been confined. This event is recounted by Cree playwright and essayist Floyd Favel, of the Poundmaker community in Saskatchewan, based on the memories he has collected from his family and the community. The film also gives voice to former students who were there at the time of the fire and who were forever marked by that extraordinary event.
By Alix Van Der Donckt-Ferrand

Moi j'ai un ami blanc 1 et 2

A role reversal in which paternalism changes sides. An instant comic effect that denounces, in the form of vicious satire, the most stubborn prejudices, those that in the long run we no longer see. Two shorts from this series will screen back to back.
By Julien Boisvert, Alexandre Nequado et Kijâtai Veillette-Cheezo

The Incredible Brown NDN

An average Joe decides to become the world's first Native American superhero.
By Rodrick Pocowatchit

Ataatatsiaq (Grandfather)

Among the Inuit people, grandparents play a very large role in the education of their grandchildren. This film is a tribute by the director to her grandfather and to all the other grandparents who help the new generations to develop.
By Lisa Koperqualuk

Hoof Lady

Ruby begins to change into a mythical creature after a tragedy in her group of friends.
By Kanerahtakwas Deom

All movies will aslo be presented at Campus Mil on August 4th.