Xajoj Tun. Le Rabinal Achi d’Ondinnok


4 August to 9 August

At Place des Festivals

Rabinal Achi is the only Precolumbian Indigenous theatrical play known to us today. Originating in the repertoire of postclassical Mayan period, the play presents a vivid testimony of the prevalent Mayan culture of Guatemala. In 2010, theatre company Ondinnok presented a contemporary production of this play at Ex-Centris in Montréal. This book returns to this extraordinary theatrical experience, through reflections, interviews and analyses, together with photos of the original production. The book takes part in the North-South Indigenous dialogues, while invigorating views on both Indigenous and contemporary theatrical traditions, and it opens up on the richness and complexity of a transhistorical and transcultural artistic expression. As a collaborative work between Yves Sioui Durand and Catherine Joncas, cofounders of Ondinnok, together with Julie Burelle (professor, University of California, San Diego) and Jean-François Côté (professor, Université du Québec à Montréal), this book offers an uncomparable perspective on the cultures of the Americas.