A febre

La fièvre
Copresentation with Festival du nouveau cinéma
Saturday, August 7 2021 - 6:30 pm
Tukano, Portuguese OV
/ French ST
Fiction / 98 minutes
Maya Da-Rin


Cast :

Regis Myrupu, Rosa Peixoto, Johnatan Sodré, Kaisaro Jussara Brito, Edmildo Vaz Pimentel, Anunciata Teles Soares, Lourinelson Wladmir

Scriptwriter : Miguel Seabra Lopes, Maya Da-Rin, Pedro Cesarino
Image : Bárbara Alvarez
Sound recording : Felippe Schultz Mussel, Breno Furtado, Romain Ozanne
Editing : Karen Akerman


Justino, a Tukano native, left the village to work at the port of Manaus. A stranger in the city, faced with the loneliness of his modest home, he is convinced he is being chased by a wild animal, and then he is gripped by a mysterious fever. There is magic working around this man who has been displaced to a place of uncertainty, between two worlds that everything opposes. Regis Myruou (Justino), Leopard for best actor at the Locarno festival, delivers here a masterful performance.


Producer(s) :

Leonardo Mecchi, Maya Da-Rin, Juliette Lepoutre


Company or organization :