Atikamekw Meskano

Chemin atikamekw
Saturday, August 7 2021 - 8:30 pm
En présence de: Wapan Boivin Biroté et son groupe Young Feathers ; Christiane Biroté; Véronique Basile Hébert; Alexandre Nequado; Alexandre Éthier - aux Projets Éphémères de l’UdeM
Monday, August 9 2021 - 6:00 pm
Pour 48 heures, Canada seulement - For 48 hours, Canada only
French OV
/ Bilingual (FR & EN) ST
Documentary / 52 minutes
Hélène Collin


Scriptwriter : Hélène Collin
Image : Hélène Collin
Sound recording : Hélène Collin
Editing : Helene Collin, Cedric Larcin, Emilie Seillan, Morgane Schmit
Original Music : Young Feather
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What is it like to be young and grow up on a reserve? Focussing on music lessons, the film reveals the complex relationships that Indigenous youth can have with their “white” teachers. How can two cultures come together? A question the film asks, while inviting us into the private worlds of three Atikamekw teenagers, Myrann, Wapan and Seskin, who are trying to build their future and find a place in this world.


Producer(s) :

Hélène Collin

Production house or group : François Rapaille


Company or organization :