By These Presents: "Purchasing" Toronto

Sunday, August 8 2021 - 8:30 pm
Projets Éphémères de l’UdeM, Campus MIL
English OV
Documentary / 30 minutes
Ange Loft; co-director Martha Stiegman


Cast :

Britannia: Theresa Cutknife 
Crown Representative: Jesse Wabegijig                          
The One Who Knows the Rules: Pesch Nepoose
The One Who Remembers: Kitsuné Soleil
Grown Woman/Negotiator: Jill Carter             
Young Woman: Ashley Riley
Grown Man: Jamie Oshkabewisens     
Young Man: Brendan Austin Loonskin

Scriptwriter : Ange Loft, Victoria Freeman
Image : Shannon Harris
Sound recording : Alaska B
Editing : Amy Siegel
Original Music : Alaska B
Find the CAMPUS MIL site with these MAPS. You can also type "Virage Campus MIL" in Google Maps.


The history lesson you wish you would have had in school. A wacky, well-documented theatrical chronicle depicting the colonial machinations behind the conclusion of the treaty by which the Mississaugas supposedly ceded the territory now occupied by the city of Toronto.


Producer(s) :

Jumblies Theatre

Production house or group : Jumblies Theatre


Company or organization :