Iwianch, el Diablo Venado

Iwianch, the Devil Deer
Saturday, August 7 2021 - 8:30 pm
Spanish, Shuar, Achuar OV
/ French ST
Documentary / 91 minutes
José Cardoso


Cast : Wajari Tiu Tukup, Kunchukui Tuutrik, Yamuach Impikip, Carlos Daniel Bravo, Silverio Jimkipit, Hermelinda Jua
Scriptwriter : José Cardoso, Amaia Merino, Emmanuel Blanchard, Melina Wazhima and Uliano Pistelli
Image : María Fernanda García
Sound recording : Kaloyá Cárdenas
Editing : José Cardoso
Original Music : Boris Vian


A director documents ancestral tales of the Amazon rainforest. Arriving in an Achuar community, a myth becomes reality before his eyes: a young man has disappeared in the jungle, carried away by a devil named Iwianch, the Natives tell him. Time passes without the boy reappearing, while the shaman still hopes to find him alive. A documentary that skilfully questions the way we think of reality.


Producer(s) :

Wendy Aguilar

Production house or group : Jiráfica


Company or organization :

Boca a Boca Filmes

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