L'enclos de Wabush (Video recording)

Copresentation with NTE et Productions Ondinnok
Thursday, August 5 2021 - 8:30 pm
Projets Éphémères de l’UdeM, Campus MIL
French OV
/ without subtitles ST
Other / 105 minutes
Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui, Daniel Brière, Dave Jenniss


NTE and Ondinnok Productions team up for the creation of “L'enclos de Wabush" (The Wabush Enclosure), a play by Wendat author Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui, inspired by the world of “Chroniques de Kitchike : La grande débarque” (Hannenorak Publishing, 2017). In this collection of short, dreamlike stories tinged with black humor, Picard-Sioui depicts the fragmented world of Kitchike, an imaginary reserve in southern Québec where archetypes, urban legends and social tensions intertwine and reflect the social and political tensions present in Indigenous communities. Imbued with the same zany and corrosive spirit, the play created by Daniel Brière and Dave Jenniss, addresses these themes and reflects on the nature of power and of the universe. Since it could not be performed in front of an audience last April due to the pandemic, the play was recorded on video.

Written by: Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui
Directed by: Daniel Brière and Dave Jenniss
With Marie-Josée Bastien, Charles Bender, Joanie Guérin, Marco Poulin, René Rousseau and Émily Séguin
Dramaturgy consultant: Alexis Martin
Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Marilou Huberdeau
Scenography: Max-Otto Fauteux
Lighthing: Renaud Pettigrew
Costumes: Claire Geoffrion
Sound Design: Alexander MacSween
Video Design: Lionel Arnould
Makeup and Hair: Sylvie Rolland-Provost, Josée Pellerin
Props: Fany Mc Crae
Production Manager: Cynthia Bouchard-Gosselin
Technical Manager: Catherine Moisan
Assistant Technical Manager: Lindsay Morneau
Video Director: Daniel Brière
Cameramen: Sylvio Arriola, Claude Précourt
Sound Recording: Louis Desparois, François Tremblay, Louis Aka Trudel
Video Editing: Sylvio Arriola
Environment Responsibility Advisor: Écoscéno - Marianne Lavoie
Dressmaker: Mathieu Audy
Original music: Black Bear ("Tupaha", "Evitan Jammer", "Joe's Flow", "Seneca")
Set Builder: Atelier Ovation
Televison Prop Builder: Alexandre Paquet
Drone Builder: Jean-Philippe Dalcourt
Technical Manager - Espace Libre: Etienne Marquis
Assistant Technical Manager - Espace Libre: Sarah Laval
Coproduction: NTE and les Productions Ondinnok

Copresented by the Montreal First Peoples' Festival.

The play was recorded in April 2021 at the Espace Libre theatre in Montreal.

Marco Collin will facilitate a discussion between the members of the creative team and the public after the screening.


Producer(s) :

NTE et les Productions Ondinnok