Tote (Abuelo)

Tote (Grand-père)
Thursday, August 5 2021 - 8:30 pm
Tzotzil, Spanish OV
/ French ST
Documentary / 80 minutes
María Sojob


Cast :

Manuel Vázquez Martínez; María Sojob; María López; Lucía Martínez Vargas.

Scriptwriter : María Sojob
Image : José Alfredo Jiménez
Sound recording : Guillaume Mollet
Editing : Nicolas Défossé


María Sojob is a Tzotzil filmmaker from Chiapas, in southern Mexico, who grew up in the city but whose origins are in the village of Chenalhó. In this gently paced, personal documentary she returns to her ancestral home to spend time with her elderly grandfather, to reconnect with her roots and to examine changing attitudes to love as the generations have moved through space and time.


Producer(s) :

Daniela Contreras

Production house or group : Terra Nostra Films


Company or organization :

Terra Nostra Films

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