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Concert Trancestral

Rencontre des musiques autochtone et soufi Le concert Transcestral 2020, rencontre renouvelée des musiques autochtone et soufie. Transcestral puise aux traditions chorégraphiques et musicales de l’art sacré, d’ici et d’ailleurs. Oktoecho s’associe à la chanteuse metis Moe Clark, à la poétesse innue Josephine Bacon, à la chanteuse de gorge inuite Nina Segalowitz, aux Buffalo Hat Singers, a Khalil Moqadem (chant et oud), aux danseuses Barbara Diabo et Tanya Evanson , avec d’autres musiciens, tous unis sous la houlette de la cheffe et compositrice Katia Makdissi-Warren.

Publié par Présence autochtone / First Peoples Festival sur Vendredi 7 août 2020


Soufi and Native musical gathering

The concert Transcestral 2020, a renewed encounter between Indigenous and Sufi music. Transcestral drawing from the choreographic and musical traditions of sacred art, from here and elsewhere. Oktoecho brings together Metis singer Moe Clark, Innu poet Josephine Bacon, Inuit throat singer Nina Segalowitz, the Buffalo Hat Singers, Khalil Moqadem (vocals and oud), dancers Barbara Diabo and Tanya Evanson as well as other musicians, all under the leadership of conductor and composer Katia Makdissi-Warren.


Land InSights pays tribute to chef Max Gros-Louis

Land InSights bids farewell to Max Gros-Louis, a visionary leader who paved the way for the survival and revival of Indigenous arts. The many eulogies that rightly salute the immense political accomplishments of Chief Gros-Louis should not make us forget the role of...

Land in Sights welcomes official announcement of the reconciliation policy of the City of Montreal

The organization behind the International Montreal First Peoples Festival acknowledges that the arts, culture, toponymy and heritage are fully recognized as essential vectors of development in the fields of intercultural dialogue and recognition of the First Nations....

30th Montreal international First Peoples Festival Launches online three concerts

The Montreal International First Peoples Festival, continuing its evolving program, under the generic theme of Nomade Land, is launching online a series of three new concerts recorded at the Cabaret le Lion d'Or in mid-September. They will be premiered on October 29, 30...

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